Mews Fest

On Saturday I took part in a small event in North London called Mews Fest. For my part I put on an open air screening of short films by top independent animators from around the world...I called it 'The Outdoor Animated Cinema'. This being the first screening I have curated I wasn't sure quite what to expect. If people would contribute films, if people would come to the event or if people would stay and watch the animations. I shouldn't have worried. The animators were brilliant! They responded positively to my requests to screen their films, they sent me high quality versions to play and very quickly I had 1 hour 20 minutes of tip top independent animations to show. I tried to pick stuff that showed the breadth of talent out there, from stop motion geniuses, via 3D wizards, to 2D masters. You can see the poster that lists the animators who got involved here.

On the night, after the sun went down, the seats filled up and people stood all around the edges. As it hit 8.30pm I set the films going. The reaction was amazing as people watched each short film, they laughed at the funny ones, were moved by the more emotional ones and even confused by the weirder ones. Some people dipped in and out as they experienced the whole of what Mews Fest had to offer, but a lot of people stayed and watched the whole lot.

It was a brilliant thing to have been a part of and I want to say a big thank you to the guys and girls at Avenue Mews for putting on such a great event. Thanks also to the animators for letting me show their amazing work and to the people who came along and made it a successful night.

Here are some pictures from the screening:

Setting up

Holding page showing the start time of the screening

People being creative with the projector before the films start

The audience begins to grow

And it starts

The animations looked great against the white wall

And the audience seemed to be enjoying the films

...and here is a video taken when the event was in full swing (starting at 'The Outdoor Animated Cinema) that gives you a flavour of what Mews Fest was like:

...and finally here is the graphics package I animated especially for the screening. First a short titles sequence to open the screening, then before each short I put up a title card with the name of the animator and their website address so people could find out more about each person if they wanted to, and finally an end animation to let the viewers know they could wander off and enjoy the rest of the festival: