Handymartian "Digital Mixtape Two"

I've just uploaded a new Digital Mixtape to Soundcloud. Here it is:

If you can't see the player above click here.

'But what are these digital mixtapes?' I hear you ask. Here's an explanation...

I like to tinker about with sounds and try to create songs, I've been doing this for ages and some of it has fed into my animation work (see Dry Fish and E4 Music Idents)...but a lot of it gathers dust on my hard drives. So I've cut them together into EP sized mixes and I'm uploading them as Digital Mixtapes. I've done two so far, as well as a video for the first song off the first mixtape and I'm putting together the third one at the moment. It gets the songs out of my system and hopefully someone out there in the internet will enjoy listening.