Music written, performed and recorded by Andy Martin is released under the Handymartian name. While growing up in South Yorkshire, Andy's recording experiments began on an old Hi-Fi with tape dubbing abilities. Using the build in mic and copious degrading overdubs, these primitive recordings became the hissy beginnings of the Handymartian sound. These days the equipment has improved but the off-kilter, slightly skewed sound remains.

First Contact LP is the first full length Handymartian release.

Track List:
1. Soundcheck
2. First Contact
3. Recordable
4. Take A Look Around
5. Story Of A Dog
6. Human Music
7. Wind Up Toy
8. Whistle
9. Paper Round
10. Pop Tarts
11. Just Being Greedy Now
12. Prime Numbers
13. 329
14. Break
15. Fizzy Melodica
16. An Ending

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