Here is my new film ‘Mr Director’ in all it’s glory…

The biggest ego in film directing tells us his story of a lifetime in the movie business with clips from some of his films, archive interviews and exclusive behind the scenes footage.

Lets meet the man, the legend that is ‘Mr Director’.



Writer, Director and Animator - Andy Martin
Voices - Nick Blood, Ben Deery, Jo Donnelly, Andy Martin and Arnold Martin
Character Models and Sets - Andy Martin
Additional Props - Andy Martin and Tony Clark
Music - Handymartian
Thanks to Simon Russell, Simon Quinn, Sean McConaghy, Strange Beast, Passion Pictures

© Andy Martin MMXV

Here is the trailer for my new short film ‘Mr Director’.

More than 6 years in the making, in the full 7 minute animation we discover all about the ups and downs of a life within the film industry, straight from the horses mouth… actually it’s from the mouth of Mr Director. He’s a man. Not a horse.

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